Challenging and Varied Workouts

RoughFit workouts are constantly changing. The goal of the program is to keep the muscles & mind guessing and challenged. We accomplish this by researching the latest science and offering FFT, Yoga, Zumba and Running classes. This means you will consistently improve your fitness and never get bored!

Class Photos

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Strong Community

RoughFit is more than an exercise program. We are a team, a community, a family. We are constantly organizing events to build real relationships, provide opportunities for growth and adventure, and to have fun!

Event Photos

Lives Transformed

RoughFit is about healthy lifestyles. This means taking on new adventures and challenges, giving back to the community, learning new skills and being a beacon of light in a dark and unhealthy world. We provide training plans, guidance, opportunities and encouragement for RoughFitters to accomplish all these goals!

Race Photos & RF Travels

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