Simon Chan - Featured Member June 2014


Simon Chan is a truly inspirational and wonderful RoughFitter. His patience, hard work, and perseverance show his passion for running, yoga, and fitness as well as his long-lasting devotion to personal health. We are proud to have him as our Featured Member for June 2014.

Simon originally joined yoga as a way to stay healthy and help him in his recovery. Running was his original passion in fitness, but his avid marathon running was interrupted by a leg injury as well as a stroke. He turned to yoga to pursue a healthy recovery and ultimately, to get back into running.

Since then, Simon has grown a love for yoga attending several classes a week and growing in strength, flexibility and overall health. On top of this, he has been able to start running again! His patience and ability to persevere through such hardships has been incredible and a total inspiration to our staff as well as his fellow RoughFitters.

We can all learn something from Simon’s devotion to health and fitness as well as his passion for running and yoga. His discipline has paid off as he is once again able to run and has even achieved a crow pose in yoga. RoughFit yoga instructor, Jessica, tells her story or being inspired by Simon’s accomplishments:

May 5, 2014 – Simon did his first successful crow pose. He was so excited to show his wife the picture after class (she takes Zumba with us!). He showed it to her and she exclaimed “Oh my God! It’s a miracle!”
I just about lost it – this guy inspires me every single day. When I am whining about back pain or an overstretched muscle, I am reminded of him on his mat, working on his breath and opening up areas of his body for the first time. He is so patient, and so disciplined!

Thanks Simon for being such a great inspiration to us all and for being our June Featured Member! Congratulations on all of your success; you’ve earned it.