Cathy Matzek - Featured Member February 2016

We are so honored to be able to feature Cathy Matzek this month. Cathy is a constant inspiration to all of us at RoughFit. We have seen her true character and resilience shine when faced with overcoming obstacles. Cathy refuses to let anything stop her. She is always up for trying new activities and pushing out of her comfort zone, and we are just so proud of everything she has accomplished, and feel so blessed to have her in RoughFit.

We hope you enjoy reading a bit of her story.

Since attending RoughFit, I have had to overcome several setbacks in my health that have affected my ability to workout. I have undergone surgeries that have slowed down my ability to workout, but not stopped me. The support I got from the RoughFit Family during my illnesses/injuries and rehab after surgery kept me going.  There were several weeks where I couldn't fully participate in the workouts, but just completing my rehab work alongside the others in class, kept my spirits up.

I am in the best shape I have been in since high school. I am dedicated to maintaining my fitness level. RoughFit and my ElliptiGo are helping me to succeed in this goal.

I have also achieved several PR's in running since attending RoughFit.  My most recent one was at the Turkey Trot this year in the 5K. The Running Class has really helped me concentrate on proper form to avoid injuries (most of the time).

RoughFit has help me change my lifestyle in a positive way.  Participating in the challenges has made me more aware of what I am eating and what I should be eating.  I am definitely more active now and a lot more adventurous. I have been introduced to many parks and places to explore through RoughFit runs and hikes. (I have lived in Tustin since I was 16 and never knew Peter's Canyon existed!)

I have tried so many new activities that I never thought I would (could) do.  With RoughFit I have completed running several half and full marathons, rock climbing, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, a duathlon, bike/ElliptiGo racing, and tried to train for a triathlon. I now look at mountains and open spaces in a new way...great places to run, hike, or ride!

I joined RoughFit because I was bored working out in the gym. I wanted to be able to be outside and get a good workout. I have been attending RoughFit almost 9 years. I love that the workouts are outdoors, always different, and FUN! I have made many life long friends through RoughFit.

It's just a great group of people working towards common goals. All the trainers are motivating and truly interested in helping me reach my health and fitness goals. They also help to hold me accountable. I feel guilty if I miss a class!