Want to run faster, stronger, and stay injury free? Rough-Fit’s Running Performance is for ANYONE who wants to improve their running, no matter your skill level.

At Run Club, workouts will be customized specifically towards your goals, and our trained coaches will work hands-on with you to improve your form, technique, and all the little things that affect performance. It’s elite style coaching for ANYONE!

Tuesday night classes focus on building specific running fitness while critiquing form, technique, and efficiency using drills and core exercises. Friday morning classes give you the opportunity to run with a larger group to enjoy the social aspects of running while preparing you for your specific goals.

Group Training Runs


Tues: 6:00-7:30pm

Fri: 6:00-7:00am

Run Locations


Tuesdays at Santiago Hills Park (top map)

Fridays at CJ Coffee- Chapman and Jamboree (bottom map)



$75 / 3 months of run club

$125 / Month of run coaching

personalized training plan + Group runs + weekly check ins / feedback

+ $80 for each 1 on 1 coached workout