Julie Saputo - RoughFit Ambassador 2014

The Ambassador Award is given annually to one Rough-Fitter that exemplifies the Rough-Fit spirit, has a great attitude, and spreads healthy living to others. It’s not just about physical fitness, but goes beyond to encompass what we feel is important in living a healthy life. Our Ambassador’s don’t just pursue health on their own, but they work hard to help others live healthily and pursue a fit, happy life. This is one of the hardest awards to give each year as we have so many people in class that exemplify these qualities and are wonderful Rough-Fitters.
Congratulations to Julie Saputo the 2014 Rough-Fit Ambassador! Julie is an inspiration to us at Rough-Fit and to many people in class. She does a wonderful job at spreading healthy habits to her family, living out a healthy lifestyle, and having positive attitude and Rough-Fit spirit that’s a blessing to have in class. We are so proud of her accomplishments and proud to call her the 2014 Ambassador.