Nina Robinson - Featured Member October 2014

For the month of October, we are proud to have Nina Robinson as our featured member. Nina rejoined RoughFit this past year to get healthy and reunite with the team. Her incredible growth, weight loss, and success has been an awesome inspiration for us all, and we want to share it with you guys!


The past few years have included some big life changes for Nina. After starting a new job in a different industry and having new school and sport commitments with her son, she found herself approaching a “reality check“. Her doctor diagnosed her with high blood pressure and the treatment required medication. Immediately, Nina was deeply motivated and inspired to make some big changes.


Nina had been to Rough-Fit before, but now that she had specific goals of losing weight and getting off the high blood pressure medication, she jumped straight into a daily workout schedule. Within 90 days, she was off the high blood pressure medicationand had lost 15 pounds. This took place early in 2014, and now, her weight loss has exceeded 40 pounds!

She credits much of her success to the community within RoughFit. As someone with a lot of experience in team sports, Nina feels particularly appreciative of the support, encouragement, and challenges she has received from other RoughFitters. RoughFit’s unique team dynamic has helped her, as well as others, achieve personal goals in fitness related activities through community based training. She actually received first place in the Master’s division of the 2014 RoughFit Triathlon, and that was her very first triathlon!

Yet, Nina clearly states that her largest accomplishment is an overall commitment to healthy living. Not only does she feel more focused, alert, and energized everyday, but she is able to run, bike, and swim like never before. Her devotion to health and fitness has made huge changes in her life and helped her to overcome major challenges. The mindset, positive attitude, weight loss, and health gains she has achieved are a true inspiration for all of us. Nina has found success in her health, become part of a team, and inspired others to do the same. Congratulations Nina on your incredible accomplishments and commitment to healthy living!