Trish Moe - Featured Member September 2015

It has been a joy to have Trish in RoughFit Outdoor Fitness and to see her progress towards a healthier lifestyle and accomplish things she never even dreamed of. At the young age of 61, she has shown all of us that we don't have to slow down, hold back or be afraid as we get older. Every day is new, and we can either step forward or stand still. Trish chooses to step forward.

She has pushed beyond her comfort zone many times in and out of boot camp and running classes, and is more adventurous and fit than she has been throughout her life.

That is inspiring for all of those around her. Congratulations Trish on being our featured member!

Trish's Story

I've always considered myself a pretty active person. I love the outdoors (hiking and camping to name a few) and I enjoy playing a round of golf now and then. If you asked me five years ago if I would ever take up running I would have just laughed and said no way!

But since joining RF boot camp about 5 years ago, I have completed 4 mud runs, a 5K, a 10K, 2 half marathons, a duathlon and a triathlon! None of this would have been possible without the support of Jenni, Greg, and all the other fitness trainers.  Just as important for me has been the RF members.  Everyone is so supportive and encouraging and their positive influence has enabled me to achieve new goals which has given me a new sense of confidence and a can do attitude. It's only because of my fellow Roughfitters that I now attend the evening run class. RoughFit has provided me with new challenges and adventures (rock climbing, obstacle course) and I believe I am stronger both mentally and physically because of them.

Aging is not exactly fun, but being able to participate and even compete at this phase in my life has been fun and I owe that to RF! I couldn't ask for a better bunch of people to work out with. Not only do I enjoy getting fit together but I also love the camaraderie outside of class. A truly awesome group! 

Thanks RoughFit for motivating me to lead a healthier lifestyle.