Michael Faraj - Featured Member July 2015


When Michael joined RoughFit, he had little exercise experience and could not even run the mile around the park without walking. But he wanted to get healthy and improve his endurance.

Since that first day, Michael has lost over 30 pounds, gained balance, strength and neuromuscular coordination, and has shattered his expectations in his running performance.

In addition, he has continued to challenge the limits of his comfort zone, entering trail races, hiking with RoughFit to the summit of Mt. Baldy, and taking on new adventures throughout the year.

Michael is an inspiration to all those around him; he brings such a positive attitude everyday; and he has embraced our mantra that health and fitness is a lifestyle.

From Michael:
The life long struggle to eat healthy and stay physically fit had been a continuous challenge for me. April 1st 2014 I decided to make a commitment to my family and myself, to introduce more physical activity by joining RoughFit on a friend’s recommendation.  Over the course of the year, I was able to lower my blood pressure and drop 30 pounds. When I signed up, my goal was to run my first 10k at the Dino Dash and I did. After my first 10k, I continued to run and now truly have a passion for it. Since my first race I have set a new PR for my 10k, placed 2nd in my age division in a 5k trail run and joined the Tuesday night RoughFit Run Club. RoughFit creates a culture of its own, with trained professionals leading the classes and showing us injury free methods to workout. The synergy of the people and staff make up a truly supportive and positive community that we know as RoughFit. I am grateful to wake up in the morning and leave the house to have fun with RoughFit each day.  

Congratulations Michael on being named the July 2015 Featured Member! We are so proud to have you in RoughFit! 

Michael's kids celebrate with him after the Peter's Canyon Trail Race.

Michael's kids celebrate with him after the Peter's Canyon Trail Race.