Shannon Ward - Featured Member May 2016

Shannon is one of the sweetest, most positive people we have ever met, and she brings her fun loving personality to every workout. We have seen her grow in her fitness and are so impressed with how strong, stable and fit she has become! Thank you Shannon for always having fun in class, and for inspiring everyone around you!

We had the chance to ask Shannon some questions. We hope you enjoy reading it.

What have you achieved or overcome in your health and fitness?
Finding RF has taken me from wanting to exercise to actually doing it and having fun. In the past I tried the gym, which lasted for like a second because I'd get bored and I didn't have a support system. I used to love my workout videos, but then I'd memorize them and get bored. RoughFit keeps it spicy and outside so workouts are always different. I guess I could say RF has helped me overcome workout boredom.

How has RF been a positive influence or helped you?
Greg, Jenni, and Matt exude positivity so it's hard not to absorb it. Also, I've met some amazing friends with similar interests and beliefs. Just being around people who work hard and play hard changes a mindset. Because the RF community is so welcoming I look forward to getting to the park and exercising 3 times week.

Has RF changed your lifestyle, if so, how?
When I started RF the Summer before last I never anticipated how much my life would change. The first year I made a commitment to myself to go to class 3 times a week and see what happens. I was shocked, honestly. I've become a much stronger, faster, and calmer person. I also eat better, because I want to give my body the right fuel to compete with my 6 pm uber fierce friends.

How long have you been attending RF?
I've been attending RF since the Summer before last and I love it! My goal is to be like so many who have been a part of RF for 10+ years. You all amaze and motive me.

What is your favorite part of RF?
Choosing my favorite part of RF is like making me choose my favorite part of an Oreo.  Every aspect perfectly compliments the other. I love watching my exercise friends push themselves and achieve physically what they didn't think was possible. The games are truly fun, who would think Connect Four could make me sweat me that much? Many days, I have no idea what I did for the hour in class. My brain completely shuts off and I only focus on breathing and not falling over. I also think there's a conspiracy by Greg, Jenni, and Matt to make us do things that make us look as ridiculous as possible for their own enjoyment. For instance, the weave. I mean, really, what's up with that Matt?  
How do you feel the RF trainers and community help you in your health and fitness?
The trainers are insanely amazing. I remember the first time I spoke with Greg before I started RF. I asked him, "Now this Boot Camp you offer, am I gonna get yelled at? I'm not motivated by yelling." He laughed at me, I mean, he assured me there would be no yelling. He said that he and Jenni have a passion and they make it fun. I said, "Okay, so you don't yell?" Guess what, I haven't been hollered at once. The man is true to his word. Greg, Jenni, and Matt are truly passionate about fitness and making it super fun. For me, laughing and playing while working out is the key to success.

Why did you join RF?
I wish I could say my reasons for joining RF were to run a marathon, lose a lot of weight, or look killer in a bikini, but nope.  I joined RF because I like to exercise. Well mainly, it was to kill time while the children I nanny attended their RF Kids class during the Summer. I loved it so much I never quit. Also, I live in Corona so being a part of the amazingly awesome and oh so competitive 6 pm class helps me conquer traffic. Oh, and to answer the questions in your mind: no I haven't run a marathon, I have lost about 10 pounds, and I'm a one-piece bathing suit kinda gal!

How do you feel the RF community supports you?
I've never met a more motivating group of people, EVER. I'm referring to both the trainers and members. I now have friends that I see 3 times a week. We are a part of each others lives. We push each other physically; are there with open hearts and arms if the problems of life get too big; and we make each other laugh...a lot.

What keeps you coming back?
For me, RF is similar to CHEERS minus the alcohol, laugh track, and Norm. It's a place where everyone knows your name and they're always glad you came. I find myself laughing and I leave with a high. See just like CHEERS!