Paul Pitchess - Featured Member July 2014

We are very proud to have Paul as our July 2014 Featured Member. He has had great success in improving his health, fitness, and nutrition to ultimately lose 25 pounds in 2014 alone! His consistency, commitment to health and fitness, and great attitude clearly exemplify the Rough-Fit spirit and are a great example for all of us.

Paul originally joined Rough-Fit to get back on track with consistent exercise. With regular attendance, his fitness began to significantly improve, yet, he wasn’t losing any weight. This only began once he started to address his diet.

After seeking out some nutritional help and doing the RoughFit 28 Day Challenge, Paul was able to cut out processed sugars and eat correctly for his blood type. Simple changes such as taking his coffee black instead of adding artificial sweetener has helped Paul lose a total of 25 pounds this year. He now makes a conscious effort to eat healthy foods that will nourish and fuel his exercise and busy day.

Not only has Paul improved his consistency with exercise and eating healthy, but he has also begun to venture out and try new things in his fitness. The RoughFit Duathlon sparked a newfound passion for cycling, something Paul now frequently enjoys. He has also done several other races including 5ks and 10ks and accomplished new personal bests.


Next, Paul is looking forward to racing the RoughFit Triathlon. His growth in fitness and nutrition shows that even a busy entrepreneur with a family can pursue health, enjoy exercise, and find a love for a new sport. Paul’s success is a great example for everyone and a wonderful inspiration for us to pursue health and fitness and accomplish something great. Whether that’s a new PR, weight loss, or just a healthier diet, it can all be done with a little hard work. Congratulations Paul, and thanks for being our July 2014 Featured Member.